Saturday, January 23, 2016

Who is responsible for Corruption in India????

               Purely we are responsible for corruption.  We want everything just in mouse click. We can’t stand in a queue for few seconds. We want to perform every work in micro second. We want to enter in Job at any cost. First we pay for job and after that recover this money by doing corruption there. At early stage we encourage our children for corruption. We encourage our children to complete the tasks by giving them chocolate or Crax.  
                Public also involves in corruption. Peoples make a loss of 50 Rs to govt. for just 5Rs profit. To remain silent is also corruption.  No doubt there are so many people in our society, who shouts against corruption but when they use the same chair, then they want to remain silent. Main threat to India is from mass corruption.  Mass corruption means corruption done by so many peoples of that area for their own profit. Current examples of mass corruption comes to notice in Kinnaur (H.P) where village people misbehave with ADC , when ADC want to inspect the Dam , which was build on that place where there is not any water. His checking was on complaint basis. But people misbehave & physically hurt ADC. Whether this incident was message to all govt. officials that do not take any action on complaints?
                There is one more case of mass corruption in Lahaul & Spiti , where panchayat banned the Hukka Pani of Boy of that village. The main reason behind this was that the boy filed an RTI for the MGNREGA work conducting in his panchayat. We have to praise that boy because he was whistle blower.
                Another example of mass corruption is found in selection of BPL/IRDP families. There are so many irregularities in BPL/IRDP selections. People select BPL/IRDP family on the method of  first me and then you.
                All these corruptions are based on slogan “ India main sab kuch chalta , sarkar hai loot lo” . About 50% of BPL/IRDP families are landlord families. They do so for Job or for Ration. People fight with each other in gram sabha for BPL/IRDP selection.

Here I discuss few factors for this.
1.       Lack of patience is the main root of corruption at all level.
2.       We have to strictly follow queue culture, when we unfollow queue culture, then we are raising corruption.
3.        Deep desire for anything is main cause for corruption.
4.       Today people are so materialistic that they pay extra for special Darshan in various temples. Although it relates with religion but it also encourage corruption.
5.       In Kedarnath local people & so called Baba’s looted so many pilgrims. It was the worst example of mass corruption.
6.       In Kedarnath tragedy, only local people &  local shopkeepers sell one Cremica Biscuit packet for 500 Rs. Few of local people really help pilgrims.
7.       In ordinary days shopkeepers sell One cup tea for 50 Rs & Thali for 250 Rs i.e approximately ten times costlier.
8.       Kedarnath incident shows that , we all are corrupt when got a chance. Mostly injured person are looted by others.
9.       We have no need of any enemy because there are so many Indian who behave more than like enemy by giving their country in the hand of foreign country by depositing their black money  in that country.
10.   To deposit black money in another country’s bank is same as some of your family member deposits his secret money in Bank without nominee instead of spending this money on his family welfare. If that person dies then his full deposit money would be waste. No bank would return this secret money.
11.    Accumulation of black money is also the reason for corruption because no one worried to spend or waste black money and this black money is also for price hike.
12.   Black money accumulates due to loose Tax structure in India.
13.   In India tax structure is not strict, as all the govt. employee are under strict surveillance but there are so many cases in India where a Chat wala or smaose wala have a daily profit of 5000 Rs but he is not under tax structure.
14.   There are so many beggar in India, who built huge kothis . In this profession although they live in a worse condition to show others but in offside life they are rich. There are so many rickshaw wala, who have 1000 of richshaw but are not comes under direct control of tax.   
15.   Black money responsible for initializing show culture in society. Let us take the case of marriage party where a person have black money can waste lot of money and give enough dowry. By this show culture in society other person who has no black money have to arranges marriage party in the same way. He has to arrange money either by loan or by other arrangements.
16.   Corruption stops country progress. Although by corruption life of people becomes luxurious but development of nation stops.
17.   During election huge amount of black money absorbs in India’s economy which can damage our economic structure.
18.   Every year Indian government announce various types of welfare scheme for  poors and economically backward classes but all these schemes are overshadow by corrupted people from top to bottom.
19.   By corruption in these schemes poor becomes poorer but mediator becomes rich by these schemes.
20.   An objective of MGNREGA was to provide employment in rural areas but here situation is totally different. Instead of employment to people, here employment is given to JCB Machines i.e JCB machines are working in place of Persons.
                As we are living in democratic country, so we can’t implements any order forcefully. So it is our utmost duty to minimize the corruption in our society, either mass corruption or corruption by single person. In either way it hit national progress. It is our moral duty to develop corruption free society in India. Whole world is looking toward us with hope but if corruption exists, then we can’t give better results.

Corruption free India means developed India.

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