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Whether 25 precious lives can be saved in Manali Incident or Mandi Incident or Larji Power Project Incident and 13 Precious lives in Renuka Ji Incident?

Whether 25 precious lives can be saved in Manali Incident or Mandi Incident or Larji Power Project Incident and 13 Precious lives in Renuka Ji Incident?
Himachal and Uttrakhand are known as Dev Bhumi. But the incident took place in Uttrakhand last year shaded its image of Dev Bhumi. Also few incident took place in Himachal at various places also shaded the image of Himachal. These incidents also affect the tourism industry of Himachal. As Himachal economy is totally based on tourism. If tourism industry affect, then the whole economy of Himachal will be shattered. Here we shall discuss only that, who is responsible for these incident?  Whether human error or any blunder mistake by govt. officials?  We can’t totally blame govt. officials, students, Teachers, College Management for Larji Incident and not driver for Renuka Incident. These entire incidents are fusion of various mistakes, either from victims or from Govt. officials.
These incidents surely affect tourism industry of Himachal because both incidents took place at famous tourist destination. The incident took place at Larji Power project is very near to Kullu – Manali and Dadahu incident is very near to Renuka Ji (Very famous tourist destination).
  1. Here I discuss few safety tips and factors that are responsible for Larji Power Project Incident or Mandi Incident.
  1. Who is responsible behind the decision to convert industry tour to Picnic Tour?
  2. As warning sign board was not there.  For this Govt. officials are responsible.
  3. Teachers and students are also responsible, because local people warn them about this, but they want to take photograph of this beautiful site at any cost.
  4. People have to take social responsibility to save their own life, because it is not possible to watch each and every person every time.
  5. Just after this incident at least 50 – 60 people are doing different activity in Gaggar River. Although there was a warning sign board. Which indicate that, not to enter in river, at any time water can be released from Kaushalya Dam?  What can Govt. do here????  
  1. As load on Northern Grid was very high, so in order to save Northern Grid to shut down , it was necessary to decrease electricity production. Load dispatch centre only order Larji Power project to cut its electricity production to very low value , here is a smell of corruption. why  cut of electricity production only for this project? There were so many other private power projects, where this cut imposed. Since Larji Power project is approximately run – on – River project. Its capacity to store water is not enough. Load dispatch center knows this fact. Load Dispatch centre have to distribute this electricity production cut to various power projects either govt. or private. If they do so , then 25 Engineering students alive today . Although run – on – river projects are useful but they release water occasionally. Local people knows this fact but outsider  have no idea for this Himachal sacrifice for the service of nation by generating huge amount of hydroelectricity but in return Himachal blame for this incident.
  1. Although it was necessary to release water suddenly from Larji Project in order to save Northern Grid but it was the responsibility of project official to ring the Siren. After this incident CM of Himachal Pradesh ordered to run siren van before release of water.
  2. Load dispatch center clean chit Larji Power Project and HP Govt. clean chit Load Dispatch Center. If all are clean, then who is responsible for this?
Khanan Mafia is equally responsible for this. The Kuccha road developed by Khanan Mafia makes  
illusion to students. They thought that this Kuccha road is developed for village of other side of 
  1.   Here I discuss few safety tips and factors that are responsible for Dadahu Incident ( Renuka Incident )  or closely says Byla Incident .
  1. For this PWD and Bus driver was responsible. All we know that it was 55 seater bus and the route chosen by this bus is so tight that even 32 seater buses faces the problem at curves.
  2. Short cut taken by driver to Paonta Sahib from Renuka ( Dadhahu ) kill 13 precious life and others injured.
  3. PWD also responsible because in Dadahu there is not any instruction for stranger or tourist that this short cut to Paonta Sahib is not for 55 Seater bus. Although main route to Paonta Sahib is Via Nahan but in Dadahu (Very Near to School) , if any stranger or tourist watch Nahan Road  and Paonta Sahib Raod ( short cut route) . Then he prefers to go via Short cut route because at this point this short cut route is decorated, wide and bridge across Jalal Khad attract. That’s why 55 seater buses choose this route than Nahan route (Which looks like link road at this point).
It is wide enough Just 1km toward Paonta Sahib but after that it becomes narrower and narrower and after that this road is not suitable for 55 Seater bus.
  1. At Byla, they diverted toward Nahan via Jamta instead of Paonta Sahib (Via Dhaula Kuan ). Which was totally wrong decision taken by driver? After few KM this road also very narrow for long bus. After few KM he is on the wrong way. Then he reverses it, but in this road it was almost impossible to reverse. He tries to back but in this process of reverse he loses control. Bus skid and falls.
    1. There should be arrangement of Siren and Light Blinker pole on both sides of Beas  from      
         Larji Power project to Pandoh Dam.
     2. Arrangement of instruction on these poles.
     3. Width of link road should be smaller as compared to main road.  At Dadhahu width of     
           link road is almost same as that of main road.
     4.  Instruction board should be there at the entry point of these link road , which depicts that,  
           this road is closed for 55 Seater buses.   

Alert India means Safe India.


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