Saturday, January 23, 2016

One Country One Language

One Country One Language

                Is it possible to leave in a house, where whole the family members are speaks different language?  Simply answer is NO, we can’t leave in a house. You can’t imagine unity of family in this situation. Then how can we say that India is united, where people of different states speak different language. Here I am not in favour to end all state language but one language for whole country is must. It is very important for unity of nation. I don’t know why south Indian prefers to speak foreign language and neglect Hindi? If Hindi becomes national language then it would be easy to travel whole India without any language restriction. If any tourist know Hindi then he can move freely in India, sometimes due to language problem people put their life in danger  e.g : -  25 Engineers from Hyderabad loss their life in Mandi  due to language problem , yet they are warned by local about this but due to language problem , they ignore it and what happened after all we know?
                Hindi is like a thread and state languages are like pearl, without thread it is totally impossible to make a Necklace. In the same way Hindi unite India. Britain ruled over India for decades because of their language unity. Japan and China is roll model for world. They write, communicate and propagate their mother tongue. We can understand each and every topic much better in mother tongue as compared to foreign language like English. No doubt respects English because by this we can easily communicate with world but we should have to respect Hindi and give it to higher place as compared to English.

                Here I discuss few factors in support of One Country One Language.

1.       It is social responsibility of every true Indian to learn, speak and propagate Hindi for powerful India.
2.       One national language is must, not in paper that Hindi is national language but from the bottom of heart of every Indian.
3.       Foreigners are eager to adopt Hindi and our culture but we are doing just opposite to it.
4.       If Hindi is tree then state languages are its roots therefore existence of Hindi without state language is impossible.
5.       Now central govt. is in full majority and now has a chance to implement Hindi throughout India. Fix one period for Hindi in all Govt. and Private school.
6.       In South India politician protest for Hindi but who suffer from this???? Simply public suffer from this. Politician’s children study in convent school, where adequate arrangements are there for each and every need.
7.       Now a day situation is that we feel proud to use English instead of Hindi, even we gave respect to that person who speaks English as compared to Hindi. This trend is not good for democratic society.
8.       Last Saturday I was in Chandigarh and I was surprised to see that all the display board on CTU local buses were in English. No doubt it was symbol of modernization but don’t forget your local and national languages. Display board should in three languages i.e Hindi, Local Language and English. Other cities also show this culture. Few city use English and local language on display board. But three language formulas is best model for whole India. This model is suitable for every Indian city. By this model each and every person would be able to read display board easily.
9.       As we adopted same currency for whole India. It strengthens the integration. In the same way same language is must for national integration.
10.   In order to make India powerful and ahead of all country, we have to adopt following thing

1.       For International work ( UN level , Inter country communication) : ----------  Use English
2.       For Country Work  ( Parliament and Inter state Communication )  :------------- Use Hindi
3.       For Domestic Work( State Assembly and Inter District Communication ) :----- Use Local Language
        In short we can say that Tri language model. Which is best model in present situation? In this there is no need to end any language. All the languages would be alive together. But it can be achieved if central government makes it mandatory for student to learn Hindi.

11.                   Social Networking sites like facebook encourage youngsters to use Hindi in English          format e.g Hum sab bhartio ko hindi jarur aani chahiye yahi desh ki sacchi seva hai , Like that. Which is useful for propagation of Hindi?

                Although it would be very difficult to implement Hindi in Non Hindi states, but it necessary for the progress of nation. Since we are living in democratic country and it is totally impossible to implement forcefully. Make Hindi knowledge mandatory for Govt. Jobs. Hindi is looking toward us but we want to hug with English. After 66 Years we are still there, nothing change and we are culprit for this. Before 1947, we are forced to use English but after 1947 we use it for status symbol.

भारत माता की सच्ची सेवा यही है की हम सब भारतवासी हिंदी भाषा रूपी एक माला में बंध जाये , ताकि कोई भी ताकत दोबारा हमारी तरफ आँख उठा कर ना देख सके ! ------------------------------------------- जय हिन्द  !

मैं यह सब  हिंदी में लिखना चाहती थी ! परन्तु आधा भारत हिंदी नहीं जानता ऐसे में हिंदी में लिखने का औचित्य नहीं रह जाता .

Love Hindi Love India 

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