Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cold Drinks are Slow Poison for our Health.

                Always remember taste is inversely proportional to health i.e more the thing is tasty, less will be beneficial for health. Tasty things are always injurious to our health. 
e.g Cold drinks are tasty , that’s why they are very injurious to our health .
Meat is tasty, that’s why it is very injurious to our health.
Fast foods are tasty, that’s why they are very injurious to our health.
 There are so many examples for this, but here I discuss only poisonous nature of cold drinks.  Other will be discussing lately.
                Just 20 years back, when guests comes to our home, then we serve lassi (Sweet or salty). Which was counted to be healthier drink in those days?  In local language of Punjab, they named it Desi Bear.
It also proves its name, because when we drink it, we feel sleepiness.
                Now a day a new trend comes in our society. Now people serve directly cold drinks to their guests.  To serve cold Drinks to their guests becomes status symbol, which is very dangerous trend. Guests are so greedy that, they drink it without knowing its side effects.

Few factors in support of slow poison nature of soft drinks.  
1.       It contains Carbon Dioxide which is unhygienic for human being because when we drink it then our digestive systems not accept it, that’s why we feel uncomfortable.
2.       Cold drink Company itself says “Contain no fruit, contain only added flavor”. In other language it contains only chemicals.
3.       pH value of cold drink is 3.2, which shows it’s acidic nature . pH value of water is 7.
4.       Baba Ramdev named it “Toilet Cleaner”. Which is true because it’s pH is 3.2 (Approximately equal to dilute sulphuric acid). So you can imagine that how it affects our health.
5.       At few places in India, farmer sprays it on cotton plants as pesticides.
6.       Long time consumption can destroy your intestine.
7.       Soft Drinks Company pay huge amount to celebrity in order to say just “Thanda Matlab Coca- Cola”.
8.       There is no need to attack any country by chemical weapon. Soft drinks powered by Coca-Cola & Pepsi are more dangerous than any chemical weapon.
9.        As pH of Diet Soda is 3.2 . The acid is what readily dissolved enamel. Those adult who drink 2 or 3 soda a day have very worse dental health.
10.   It might be bad for your kidney.
11.   When we drink Soft drink, then we are consuming extra calories and sugar. These extra calories and sugar are causing a number of adverse effects on our health.  If possible replace Soft drinks with Orange juice, lemon water, lemon tea, soya milk or simple water.
12.   There is direct relation between Soft drink consumption and weight gain.
13.   In order to save yourself from early death, it is better to minimize your Soft drink consumption. When you are on journey try carrying refillable bottle of water. If you need extra flavor, try adding slice of fruit like watermelon, peach and lemon.
14.   Can you believe that---- A can of energy drink = 10 Teaspoon of Sugar.
15.   If we have to believe various researches, soft drinks have been found to cause diabetes, dental decay, heart disease.
16.   As we know that all type of sugar is bad for us. Then why we drink soft drinks? As I have already mention that ----- A can of energy drink contain = 10 Teaspoon of sugar.
17.    Soft drink contains sodium and it can cause stroke, high B.P, Heart attack and other disease.
18.   It also contains caffeine, which causes high B.P, infertility, heart disease, ulcers.
19.   Soft drinks contain Saccharin, which is 300 times sweeter than sugar and it causes bladder cancer.
20.   Soft drinks consumption gives you gassiness problem.
21.   Soft drinks consumption gives you gift of kidney stone, kidney failure, liver failure, High B.P , Heart Burn, Diabetes, weight gain problem.
22.   Preservative like Sodium Benzoate, which is used in soft drinks, causes rashes, asthma, and hypertension.
23.   As we know artificial colour is added in it to make it tasty. Brilliant – Blue is cancer causing agents and cause allergic reaction. Tartrazine is an orange – yellow drink that causes swelling, rashes, bloodshot eyes.
24.   As it contain Carbon Dioxide but our body just needs oxygen. Then why????

                When we are serving soft drinks to our guest, then we are giving them slow poison. So please serve lemon tea, lemon juice, lassi, orange juice or simplewater. 

Soft drink free India means healthy India.

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