Saturday, January 23, 2016

Without Teacher's satisfaction education standard can't be Increased in India

Now a days either central govt. or state govt. all are worried about the educational standard. Although Mr. Sibbal have made the dynamic change in educational system of  India . How can you imagine that education standard can be increase without teachers in a school . Govt. open the school either primary  school or Upgrade middle school for the vote bank & there are so many school in a country which are running without teacher or Single teacher . 
How can one imagine that a single teacher can implement all the conditions of SSA .If central govt. or state govt. really want to increase the education standard in India then following conditions should be fullfilled .
1.      There should be adequate staff  in every school .
2.      No clerical work should be done by teachers .
3.      No extra duties should be imposed on teachers , extra duties means Election or census duty.
4.      Separate staff for S.S.A activity.
5.      Pay per lecture policy should be stopped .
6.      Appointment of  Adhoc , Contract , Para , PAT should be totally abolished , as future India is preparing in School & teacher is only person who can make President , PM, CM , Doctors , Engineers , Driver , Conductor , Terrorist . So mental level of teacher should be stable .    
7.      As JBT’s , TGT”s , PGT’s forming the base of children , so there should be not any contract policy .
8.      Expliotation of PAT , PTA should be strictly stopped .
9.      To correct the loop hole in SMC policy for appointment of teachers.
1.  Please do not make mystirios policy for appointment of teachers .
1.  Always appoint Regular Teachers .
1.  If there is a shortage of teachers in a shool then there will be no benefits of distributing free books & free
    Uniform & free education.
1.  If govt. want to make USA standard in Indian education then payments & perks are also of USA standard.
1.  Loss of SSA >>>> Benefits of SSA
1.  “ All is well only in Papers & not in actual”
1.  Mr. Sibbal have a right to increase the standard of education but please do not impose the situation ‘3Idiots’ film on whole of Hindustan.
1.  Govt.  making policy in A.C rooms but situation at grass root level is totally different .
1.  In one hand govt. want to increase the standard of education  but in other hand , govt. says that “They have no money for teachers ” . Double policy for same field will not be bearable .
1.  Grading system & abolition of board will be destructable in coming years .
2.  Period basis teaching is new shock for teaching profession aspirants .
2.  Period basis teaching is totally a coaching center culture . Now govts. are not running School or college , they are running coaching centers.

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