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O Mother Pleeeease Save me - before birth , after birth & through whole life ------ Kalyug ------ A Bad Yug for Women

ऐसा मुझे पता है माँ , मैं तेरी अपनी नहीं पराई हूँ माँ !
जब सृष्टि चले मेरे से , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
रामायण चले मेरे इर्द - गिर्दतब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
महाभारत चले मेरे इर्द - गिर्द , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
भारत के साथ माता लगावें , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
धरती के साथ माता लगावें , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
दुनिआ जन्मी जिसकी कोख से , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
झाँसी की रानी बनी मैं , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
गांधी इंदिरा बनी मैं , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
PT , सायना, सानीया  बनी मैं , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
दुर्गा , लक्ष्मी , सरस्वती को पूजें , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
नैना , वैष्णो , चामुण्डा पूजें , तब भी क्या पराई हूँ माँ !
एक बार जन्म तो दे माँ , सब कुछ बन दिखलाऊँगी माँ !
 ऐसा मुझे पता है माँ , मैं तेरी अपनी नहीं पराई हूँ माँ !
                Whether we have a right to join the word Mata with Bharat or Maiya with holy river the Ganga or worship durga in Navratra. Here we are playing double game with female. In one side we call them mata or maiya and in other side at ground level situation is totally different. Current example of Nirbhya case and so many cases of eve – teasing is there. Nirbhaya case open our eyes and to let the door for discussion on sexual harassment in Indian society. Before this nobody discuss these matters openly in family. People specially youth gather for justice to Nirbhaya. Minimum punishment for this type of cases should be death sentence and no relaxation for below 18.
                There are thousand of cases of eve – teasing occurs daily in buses and trains. There are so many cases of sexual harassment come to notice, where victim is relative or known person.  In that situation Police can’t do anything. These incidents occur due to low mental level or lack of moral education. If these incidents continuously run then no one is safe in his own house or at known place. There are so many untoward incidents, which your daughter, sister, wife faces and it is known only to peer group of your daughter or your sister or your wife because they don’t want to discuss with the family member. Lack of education and moral value is main reason behind these incidents. Most Indian women faces eve – teasing day to day life. Eve – teasing is sexual harassment toward women by men, which can ranges from very low level to very high level like sexually suggestive remarks, catcalls, brushing etc.
According to WHO ( World Health Organization) , India is not safe for any female to travel alone in India. There are lots of cases of sexual harassment comes to notice but most of the cases are pressed by family member or Police. There are so many remedies for eve – teasing.
                Firstly ignore these people like barking dog in the street. Remain in group as possible. Avoid walking on lonely road. If you travel in bus and someone poke you or touch you, just pull the chain or ring the bell or dial emergency number of your city. Travel in group if you are on night duty or at a BPO jobs. Always carry a weapon like a nail cutter or small folded knife or Mirch powder. If you are seriously in trouble then poke his eyes.  Curtain of your room and bathroom should be solid. Every woman has a right to live with dignity but eve – teasing violates this right.  If you think that only young girls are affected by eve – teaser , then you are wrong. Molestation occurs for all age group, or dress they wear or their look or their profession or martial status. As women faces eve – teasing from men and we can blame ourselves for this . We adopt completely different censorship for Son and Daughter. We never asks our son that where he is going and from where he come. But on other side if girls come late then we throw shower of questions toward her. We ask her rudely that from where she comes and what was the reason behind this? If we adopting different censorship for Son and Daughter then how can we say that  “ both have equal right”. It is responsibility of parents to educate their son to respect girls. On 15th August P.M also raises this issue. PM directed all parents that take responsibility of your son and asks their Son in the same way as your daughter.          
                Acid attack is most dangerous to all of these teasing. Female affected by eve – teasing for short time but female suffer life long by acid attack. India is that country where we worship goddess but eve – tease family and throw acid on their faces. We can’t imagine the feeling and pain of girls that are affected by acid attack.  Here I share one example of Luxmi – 24 Years old girl from Delhi. She says – “When she was in 15 , she was attacked by her friend’s brother and when they throw acid on my face , then I felt like someone had set her whole body on fire. The Skin was just coming off. It was dripping from her hand and face ” . But thanks to god that social worker Alok Dixit married with her . Alok Dixit says – “I love her inner Beauty not outer beauty”
                Another major problem we face in our society is child discrimination i.e people prefer to fulfill Son’s needs as compared to daughter’s needs. They make arrangements for Son’s study but remain lazy for girl child. Parents says that why they invest on her , when one day she have to left the house. They celebrate male child’s birthday but have no money for girl child’s birthday. We are responsible for male dominated society. Male child have a right to play after study but girl child have no right to play after study. They are made for kitchen and other unproductive works.
                Dowry system in Indian society gives major stroke to decrease sex ratio. Dowry system and lust for son are the main reason behind the foeticide. If Mother becomes enemy of her girl child then no one can save her. If Mother determined then no one can stop her for girl child birth. In most cases it notices that ladies are enemy of each other. They develop the desire of male child in heart of other lady. In Indian society if first child is female then only mother can explain the bad behavior of other family member toward her. After birth of first female child, situation of family is like that some Snake bite all the family member.
“ Ladka ladki aik saman , yehi hai smridh bharat ki pehchan , banega bharat tabhi mahan”
In our society not only first girl child but birth of girl child at any stage is supposed to be burden. If you think girl child then why worship Sita , Laxmi , Saraswati , Durga , Vaishno , Naina Devi , Chamunda Devi . People need girl child at any cost. In order to fulfill desire of male child, they can do any thing. All these incidents towards women encourage people for foeticide. If we fail to stop all these incidents then that day is not far away when no parents need girl child. But sign of relief comes from central government. Here P.M Narender Modi gave the statement –“Take responsibility of your son. Inquire them in same way as Daughter”. Even HRD Minister Smriti Irani says – “When she was born, someone called her burdon”. Here she was 100% right because when female child born, people thought like some stone comes in their family. This type of thinking is national shame for us.
                Can you imagine, what happened without women? Girls are missing in foeticide with fast speed.
If this speed remains, then in 2050 India becomes women less country. Without women there would be no sister , no mother , no wife , no aunt , no mami , no massi. On the occasion of holy festival rakhi , what we shall do? Who birth next generation? You can imagine the situation in 2050 by few problems occur in 2014. In Haryana due to low sex ratio bride buying is normal. In Jind unmarried youth organization coined the slogan – Bahu dilao – vote lo. They say their main priority is marriage, all other priority are behind this. In India foeticide is accelerate due to fear of huge wedding and dowry cost. But situation becomes worse; when by spending huge amount of money groom side exploit their daughter for more dowries.  
                HRD minister Smriti Irani says – “If you teach girl child then you are educating future” .  Education saves them from exploitation either by husband or by society. Educated lady can take every decision. Family members can force illiterate lady for foeticide but educated lady can’t come under any pressure.
                Although we are living in developed society but our attitude toward working women is still there. Either she works in BPO , Private Company , Bank , Teaching ; all are under strict surveillance of parents or husband. Even 50% of parents and husband suspect their daughter or wife. Is it a right of equality? Answer is purely NOO --- . In one side we gave more freedom to male child but put restriction on girl child.  Punjab Govt. running campaign to save girl child under the name ---NANHI CHAVN. They also gave the slogan – “ Kudia maar mukavange , bahua kitho liaunge”.
                As sex determination is prohibited in India but there are so many clinics in India where sex determination test are done for money. Few Doctors can do anything for money. We can’t blame these clinics. We are blame for this because we pressurize them to determine sex by money. We are killing innocent girls for desire of Son. We know very well that no country can progress without women and without women every country is incomplete. After knowing everything we are indulge in foeticide. It is matter of great concern for few states like Punjab, Haryana, where sex ratio dripping rapidly. Central government is making arrangements to increase sex ratio and to protect ladies from eve – teasing in offices of various departments.  Central government encourages women to apply more and more for any posts, so that men and women ratio in various departments becomes equal.  In UPSC Examinations there is no fee for women candidates.
                Without society contribution, central and state govt. can’t do anything. Success of any female welfare scheme depends upon people’s interest toward these schemes. In old times people kill the new born child if this child is girl. No doubt at that time we were bonded with culture and rituals, but now we are living in democratic country and doing the same killing.  In old time we kill them after birth but now we are killing them before birth. Now in these situation girls requests her mother that pleeease save me.  I am your. I want to become like you. After birth I want to become sister, mother, and wife. Please don’t kill me. O Mother please saves me.
                Lastly I request from all Indian that respect females because your sister , your Mother , Your wife , all are females. As so many females are connected with our life, then why females are affected by eve – teasing?  We have to educate our son from the beginning that respects girls. By adopting this culture we can make safe and peaceful India.
                As India is independent but it is only for men not for women. How can we say that India is Independent for women, when a single woman can’t travel through India?  So we have to make an arrangement for women to feel them living in free India. When parents allow their daughter to out of house without feeling any insecurity, then at that time we can say that they are living in free India.  All the custom will be changed if the entire mother at least gives their daughter all things and freedom to which they have deprived in their own life. Mother , Wife , Sister  are all beautiful things made by god and we should respect the creature of god and people should understand this spiritual concept. We all are creature of god and god resides in everyone in the form of soul. If everyone have soul i.e fraction of god in everyone, then why people discriminate with females , eve – tease them , physically or mentally torture them. If we torture anyone then we are showing disrespect god because we are showing disrespect to God’s creature. 
                If all people avoid eve –teasing, then their sister, Wife and mother would be safe. If you eve- tease any female then it means that someone eve – tease your Sister , Wife or Mother. Now Cat is in your hand and it depends upon you that you leave it or kill it. Our image of goddess worship country is totally shattered by Nirbhaya case.
                If your attitude toward women is safe, then they are safe. Attitudes directly come from mind. If your attitude is wrong, then it means that mind is out of way.
बेटिओं से प्यार करो !
यह देश का गहना है !
इस गहने को प्यार दो !
भारत माँ ने इसे पहना है !
हर गाँवों शहर से आई पुकार !
बेटी चाहिए अब की बार !
जब बेटा बेटी एक समान !
तभी बनेगा भारत महान

 Safe and Educated Woman Means Progressive India.

Who is responsible for Corruption in India????

               Purely we are responsible for corruption.  We want everything just in mouse click. We can’t stand in a queue for few seconds. We want to perform every work in micro second. We want to enter in Job at any cost. First we pay for job and after that recover this money by doing corruption there. At early stage we encourage our children for corruption. We encourage our children to complete the tasks by giving them chocolate or Crax.  
                Public also involves in corruption. Peoples make a loss of 50 Rs to govt. for just 5Rs profit. To remain silent is also corruption.  No doubt there are so many people in our society, who shouts against corruption but when they use the same chair, then they want to remain silent. Main threat to India is from mass corruption.  Mass corruption means corruption done by so many peoples of that area for their own profit. Current examples of mass corruption comes to notice in Kinnaur (H.P) where village people misbehave with ADC , when ADC want to inspect the Dam , which was build on that place where there is not any water. His checking was on complaint basis. But people misbehave & physically hurt ADC. Whether this incident was message to all govt. officials that do not take any action on complaints?
                There is one more case of mass corruption in Lahaul & Spiti , where panchayat banned the Hukka Pani of Boy of that village. The main reason behind this was that the boy filed an RTI for the MGNREGA work conducting in his panchayat. We have to praise that boy because he was whistle blower.
                Another example of mass corruption is found in selection of BPL/IRDP families. There are so many irregularities in BPL/IRDP selections. People select BPL/IRDP family on the method of  first me and then you.
                All these corruptions are based on slogan “ India main sab kuch chalta , sarkar hai loot lo” . About 50% of BPL/IRDP families are landlord families. They do so for Job or for Ration. People fight with each other in gram sabha for BPL/IRDP selection.

Here I discuss few factors for this.
1.       Lack of patience is the main root of corruption at all level.
2.       We have to strictly follow queue culture, when we unfollow queue culture, then we are raising corruption.
3.        Deep desire for anything is main cause for corruption.
4.       Today people are so materialistic that they pay extra for special Darshan in various temples. Although it relates with religion but it also encourage corruption.
5.       In Kedarnath local people & so called Baba’s looted so many pilgrims. It was the worst example of mass corruption.
6.       In Kedarnath tragedy, only local people &  local shopkeepers sell one Cremica Biscuit packet for 500 Rs. Few of local people really help pilgrims.
7.       In ordinary days shopkeepers sell One cup tea for 50 Rs & Thali for 250 Rs i.e approximately ten times costlier.
8.       Kedarnath incident shows that , we all are corrupt when got a chance. Mostly injured person are looted by others.
9.       We have no need of any enemy because there are so many Indian who behave more than like enemy by giving their country in the hand of foreign country by depositing their black money  in that country.
10.   To deposit black money in another country’s bank is same as some of your family member deposits his secret money in Bank without nominee instead of spending this money on his family welfare. If that person dies then his full deposit money would be waste. No bank would return this secret money.
11.    Accumulation of black money is also the reason for corruption because no one worried to spend or waste black money and this black money is also for price hike.
12.   Black money accumulates due to loose Tax structure in India.
13.   In India tax structure is not strict, as all the govt. employee are under strict surveillance but there are so many cases in India where a Chat wala or smaose wala have a daily profit of 5000 Rs but he is not under tax structure.
14.   There are so many beggar in India, who built huge kothis . In this profession although they live in a worse condition to show others but in offside life they are rich. There are so many rickshaw wala, who have 1000 of richshaw but are not comes under direct control of tax.   
15.   Black money responsible for initializing show culture in society. Let us take the case of marriage party where a person have black money can waste lot of money and give enough dowry. By this show culture in society other person who has no black money have to arranges marriage party in the same way. He has to arrange money either by loan or by other arrangements.
16.   Corruption stops country progress. Although by corruption life of people becomes luxurious but development of nation stops.
17.   During election huge amount of black money absorbs in India’s economy which can damage our economic structure.
18.   Every year Indian government announce various types of welfare scheme for  poors and economically backward classes but all these schemes are overshadow by corrupted people from top to bottom.
19.   By corruption in these schemes poor becomes poorer but mediator becomes rich by these schemes.
20.   An objective of MGNREGA was to provide employment in rural areas but here situation is totally different. Instead of employment to people, here employment is given to JCB Machines i.e JCB machines are working in place of Persons.
                As we are living in democratic country, so we can’t implements any order forcefully. So it is our utmost duty to minimize the corruption in our society, either mass corruption or corruption by single person. In either way it hit national progress. It is our moral duty to develop corruption free society in India. Whole world is looking toward us with hope but if corruption exists, then we can’t give better results.

Corruption free India means developed India.

“Yes , We Can ” Quotation of Famous Personality in Support of This.

Nothing is impossible in life . Success only comes to those who are vigilant and never deviate from their chosen goal. We can do everything if we have love for that. Only chose that goal in which you have interest and love.

All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get. :----- Morarji Desai
Men are born to succeed , not fail. :----- H.D. Thoreau
That some achieve great success , is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.:-- A. Lincoln
The Dictionary is the only place where success comes before work. :- -- Mark Twain
Do not let what you cannot do , Interfere with what you can do. :-- John Wooden
Once best success comes after their greatest disappointments. :--  H.W. Beecher
Success is not the key to success , Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing , You will be successful. :---- Albert Schweitzer
Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can. :--- L. Thomas
People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. :---- D. Carnagie
It takes 20 years to make an overnight success. :----- E. Cartor
Success is getting what you want , happiness is wanting what you get. :---- D. Gardner
The first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed . :------ N. Bosewell
People are always ready to admit a man’s ability after he get’s there. :----- B. Edwards
Natural abilities are like natural plants; they need pruning by study. :----- F. Bacon
Martyrdom is the only way a man can become famous without ability. :----- G.B. Shaw
They are able because they think they are able. :------ Virgil
We all have ability . The difference is how we use it. :--- S. Wonder
Ability is poor man’s wealth.:--- M. Wren
If we did the thing we are capable of , we would astound ourselves. :---- T. Edison
Our work is the presentation of our capabilities. :---- Goethe
“ I can’t do it” never yet accomplished anything; “ I will try ” has performed wonders. :----
G.P. Burnham
To accomplish great things , we must not only act , not only plan , but also believe. :--- A. France
The reward of thing well done is to have done it. :-----  R.W. Emerson  
If not us, Who? If not now , when ? :----- J.F. Kennedy
Great things are not done by impulse , but by a series of small things brought together. :------
V.V. Gogh
The future is not a gift – it is an achievement. :---- Harry Lauder
If life were measured by accomplishments, most of us would die in infancy. :------ A.P. Gauthey
There is no great achievement that is not the result of patient working and waiting. :--- J.G.Holland
High achievement always takes place in the frame of high expectation. :----- Jack Kinder
Fate knows where you are going , but it is up to you to drive there. : ----M. Keesling
Nothing happen until I make it happen. :------ Scott Wilson
Ideas without action are worthless. :------ H. Mackay
Never confuse motion with action. :----- B. Franklin
Just do it!
Opportunities dances with those who are ready on the dance floor. :------- Jr. H.J. Brown
Don’t wait for extraordinary circumstance to do good ; try to use ordinary situation. :---- C. Richter
Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.:----- Demmosthenes
A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. :------- F. Bacon
Some men go through a forest and see no firewood.
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. : ----- M. Ali
You can’t test courage cautiously. :---------- A. Dillard
It is easy to be brave from a safe distance. :---- Aesop
The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. :------ R.B. Sheridan
If you really want something , you can figure out how to make it happen. :------- Cher
The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. :----- T. Lasorda
Determination is the wake-up call to the human will. :------- A. Robbins
Never go backward . Attempt , and do it with all your might. Determination is power. :----- C. Simmons
Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. :--- O. Mandino
We will either find a way , or make one! :------- Hannibal
Never stop. One stop as soon as something is about to happen. :------ P. Brock
Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable. :---T.N. Vail
The greatest difficulties lie where we are not looking for them. :------ J.W.V. Goethe  
When I hear somebody sigh that life is hard, I am always tempted to ask, compared to what? :--- S.J. Harris
Our greatest battles are that with our own minds. :------ J. Frank
Difficulties should act as tonic. They should spur us to greater exertion.  : ------ B. C. Forbes
The difficulty is that which can be done immediately ; the impossible that which takes a little longer. :------ G. Santayana.
It is surmounting difficulties that makes heroes. :------ L. Kossuth
Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. :------- Henry Ford
In the middle of difficulty  lies opportunity. :------- Albert Einstein
Troubles , like babies , grow larger by nursing. :------ Lady Holland
For every mountain there is miracle. :----- R.H. Schuller
A desire can overcome all objections and obstacles. :---- Gunderson
Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
You must do the thing you think you cannot do. : ------ E. Roosevelt
If you can dream it, you can do it. :---- Walt Disney
All our dream can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. :---- Walt Diseny
If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true? :---- O. Hammerstein
All men of action are dreamers. :---- J.G. Huneker
Without dreams there is no realty.:------ L.B. Couto
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. :---- E. Roosevelt
If you’re going to be thinking , you may as well think big. :------ Donald Trump
The real secret of success is enthusiasm. :-------- W. Chrysler
Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. :---- W. Churchill
Bad excuses are worse than none:----- Thomas fuller
He who excuses himself accuses himself. :-------- G. Meurier
We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse. :------ Rudyard Kipling  
Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure:---- Don Wilder  
Without goal and plan to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination. :------ F. Dodson
Difficulties are the ladder , on which human climb to success.
Goals are dreams with deadlines. :------ D.S. Hunt  
Choosing a goal and sticking to it changes everything. :-------- S. Reed
Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.:---------  H.Schimdt
Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there. :----- Bo Jackson
Great men have purposes, others have dreams. :-------- W. Irving
The most important thing about goals is having one.:------- G. F. Albert
You have to know what you want to get. :------- G. Stein
People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. :------ E. Nightingale
Shoot for the moon , even if you miss , you’ll land amongst the stars. :-----L . Brown
Happiness is not a destination . It is a method of life. :-----Burton Hills
Death is more universal than life ; everyone dies but not everyone lives. :------ A. Sachs
Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think. :--------- J. Bruyere
There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity. :------G. D. Macarthur
If opportunity doesn’t knock , build a door. :-------M. Berle

Life is very small , so hurry select your goal and make effort to achieve your goal.

One Country One Language

One Country One Language

                Is it possible to leave in a house, where whole the family members are speaks different language?  Simply answer is NO, we can’t leave in a house. You can’t imagine unity of family in this situation. Then how can we say that India is united, where people of different states speak different language. Here I am not in favour to end all state language but one language for whole country is must. It is very important for unity of nation. I don’t know why south Indian prefers to speak foreign language and neglect Hindi? If Hindi becomes national language then it would be easy to travel whole India without any language restriction. If any tourist know Hindi then he can move freely in India, sometimes due to language problem people put their life in danger  e.g : -  25 Engineers from Hyderabad loss their life in Mandi  due to language problem , yet they are warned by local about this but due to language problem , they ignore it and what happened after all we know?
                Hindi is like a thread and state languages are like pearl, without thread it is totally impossible to make a Necklace. In the same way Hindi unite India. Britain ruled over India for decades because of their language unity. Japan and China is roll model for world. They write, communicate and propagate their mother tongue. We can understand each and every topic much better in mother tongue as compared to foreign language like English. No doubt respects English because by this we can easily communicate with world but we should have to respect Hindi and give it to higher place as compared to English.

                Here I discuss few factors in support of One Country One Language.

1.       It is social responsibility of every true Indian to learn, speak and propagate Hindi for powerful India.
2.       One national language is must, not in paper that Hindi is national language but from the bottom of heart of every Indian.
3.       Foreigners are eager to adopt Hindi and our culture but we are doing just opposite to it.
4.       If Hindi is tree then state languages are its roots therefore existence of Hindi without state language is impossible.
5.       Now central govt. is in full majority and now has a chance to implement Hindi throughout India. Fix one period for Hindi in all Govt. and Private school.
6.       In South India politician protest for Hindi but who suffer from this???? Simply public suffer from this. Politician’s children study in convent school, where adequate arrangements are there for each and every need.
7.       Now a day situation is that we feel proud to use English instead of Hindi, even we gave respect to that person who speaks English as compared to Hindi. This trend is not good for democratic society.
8.       Last Saturday I was in Chandigarh and I was surprised to see that all the display board on CTU local buses were in English. No doubt it was symbol of modernization but don’t forget your local and national languages. Display board should in three languages i.e Hindi, Local Language and English. Other cities also show this culture. Few city use English and local language on display board. But three language formulas is best model for whole India. This model is suitable for every Indian city. By this model each and every person would be able to read display board easily.
9.       As we adopted same currency for whole India. It strengthens the integration. In the same way same language is must for national integration.
10.   In order to make India powerful and ahead of all country, we have to adopt following thing

1.       For International work ( UN level , Inter country communication) : ----------  Use English
2.       For Country Work  ( Parliament and Inter state Communication )  :------------- Use Hindi
3.       For Domestic Work( State Assembly and Inter District Communication ) :----- Use Local Language
        In short we can say that Tri language model. Which is best model in present situation? In this there is no need to end any language. All the languages would be alive together. But it can be achieved if central government makes it mandatory for student to learn Hindi.

11.                   Social Networking sites like facebook encourage youngsters to use Hindi in English          format e.g Hum sab bhartio ko hindi jarur aani chahiye yahi desh ki sacchi seva hai , Like that. Which is useful for propagation of Hindi?

                Although it would be very difficult to implement Hindi in Non Hindi states, but it necessary for the progress of nation. Since we are living in democratic country and it is totally impossible to implement forcefully. Make Hindi knowledge mandatory for Govt. Jobs. Hindi is looking toward us but we want to hug with English. After 66 Years we are still there, nothing change and we are culprit for this. Before 1947, we are forced to use English but after 1947 we use it for status symbol.

भारत माता की सच्ची सेवा यही है की हम सब भारतवासी हिंदी भाषा रूपी एक माला में बंध जाये , ताकि कोई भी ताकत दोबारा हमारी तरफ आँख उठा कर ना देख सके ! ------------------------------------------- जय हिन्द  !

मैं यह सब  हिंदी में लिखना चाहती थी ! परन्तु आधा भारत हिंदी नहीं जानता ऐसे में हिंदी में लिखने का औचित्य नहीं रह जाता .

Love Hindi Love India 

Whether 25 precious lives can be saved in Manali Incident or Mandi Incident or Larji Power Project Incident and 13 Precious lives in Renuka Ji Incident?

Whether 25 precious lives can be saved in Manali Incident or Mandi Incident or Larji Power Project Incident and 13 Precious lives in Renuka Ji Incident?
Himachal and Uttrakhand are known as Dev Bhumi. But the incident took place in Uttrakhand last year shaded its image of Dev Bhumi. Also few incident took place in Himachal at various places also shaded the image of Himachal. These incidents also affect the tourism industry of Himachal. As Himachal economy is totally based on tourism. If tourism industry affect, then the whole economy of Himachal will be shattered. Here we shall discuss only that, who is responsible for these incident?  Whether human error or any blunder mistake by govt. officials?  We can’t totally blame govt. officials, students, Teachers, College Management for Larji Incident and not driver for Renuka Incident. These entire incidents are fusion of various mistakes, either from victims or from Govt. officials.
These incidents surely affect tourism industry of Himachal because both incidents took place at famous tourist destination. The incident took place at Larji Power project is very near to Kullu – Manali and Dadahu incident is very near to Renuka Ji (Very famous tourist destination).
  1. Here I discuss few safety tips and factors that are responsible for Larji Power Project Incident or Mandi Incident.
  1. Who is responsible behind the decision to convert industry tour to Picnic Tour?
  2. As warning sign board was not there.  For this Govt. officials are responsible.
  3. Teachers and students are also responsible, because local people warn them about this, but they want to take photograph of this beautiful site at any cost.
  4. People have to take social responsibility to save their own life, because it is not possible to watch each and every person every time.
  5. Just after this incident at least 50 – 60 people are doing different activity in Gaggar River. Although there was a warning sign board. Which indicate that, not to enter in river, at any time water can be released from Kaushalya Dam?  What can Govt. do here????  
  1. As load on Northern Grid was very high, so in order to save Northern Grid to shut down , it was necessary to decrease electricity production. Load dispatch centre only order Larji Power project to cut its electricity production to very low value , here is a smell of corruption. why  cut of electricity production only for this project? There were so many other private power projects, where this cut imposed. Since Larji Power project is approximately run – on – River project. Its capacity to store water is not enough. Load dispatch center knows this fact. Load Dispatch centre have to distribute this electricity production cut to various power projects either govt. or private. If they do so , then 25 Engineering students alive today . Although run – on – river projects are useful but they release water occasionally. Local people knows this fact but outsider  have no idea for this Himachal sacrifice for the service of nation by generating huge amount of hydroelectricity but in return Himachal blame for this incident.
  1. Although it was necessary to release water suddenly from Larji Project in order to save Northern Grid but it was the responsibility of project official to ring the Siren. After this incident CM of Himachal Pradesh ordered to run siren van before release of water.
  2. Load dispatch center clean chit Larji Power Project and HP Govt. clean chit Load Dispatch Center. If all are clean, then who is responsible for this?
Khanan Mafia is equally responsible for this. The Kuccha road developed by Khanan Mafia makes  
illusion to students. They thought that this Kuccha road is developed for village of other side of 
  1.   Here I discuss few safety tips and factors that are responsible for Dadahu Incident ( Renuka Incident )  or closely says Byla Incident .
  1. For this PWD and Bus driver was responsible. All we know that it was 55 seater bus and the route chosen by this bus is so tight that even 32 seater buses faces the problem at curves.
  2. Short cut taken by driver to Paonta Sahib from Renuka ( Dadhahu ) kill 13 precious life and others injured.
  3. PWD also responsible because in Dadahu there is not any instruction for stranger or tourist that this short cut to Paonta Sahib is not for 55 Seater bus. Although main route to Paonta Sahib is Via Nahan but in Dadahu (Very Near to School) , if any stranger or tourist watch Nahan Road  and Paonta Sahib Raod ( short cut route) . Then he prefers to go via Short cut route because at this point this short cut route is decorated, wide and bridge across Jalal Khad attract. That’s why 55 seater buses choose this route than Nahan route (Which looks like link road at this point).
It is wide enough Just 1km toward Paonta Sahib but after that it becomes narrower and narrower and after that this road is not suitable for 55 Seater bus.
  1. At Byla, they diverted toward Nahan via Jamta instead of Paonta Sahib (Via Dhaula Kuan ). Which was totally wrong decision taken by driver? After few KM this road also very narrow for long bus. After few KM he is on the wrong way. Then he reverses it, but in this road it was almost impossible to reverse. He tries to back but in this process of reverse he loses control. Bus skid and falls.
    1. There should be arrangement of Siren and Light Blinker pole on both sides of Beas  from      
         Larji Power project to Pandoh Dam.
     2. Arrangement of instruction on these poles.
     3. Width of link road should be smaller as compared to main road.  At Dadhahu width of     
           link road is almost same as that of main road.
     4.  Instruction board should be there at the entry point of these link road , which depicts that,  
           this road is closed for 55 Seater buses.   

Alert India means Safe India.


New Dangers for Children ------- Crax, Kurkure, Salty Snacks, Computer Games, Internet

New Dangers for Children ------- Crax, Kurkure, Salty Snacks, Computer Games, Internet
                Most destructive effects of innovation are experienced by children or in other word 21st century children’s are affected by innovation. Crax, Kurkure, Salty Snacks, Computer games, Internet are few innovations of 21st century. Computer games and internet shows ill effect on children eyes & also their concentration. Final stroke to children’s mental and  physical health are given by social networking sites e.g Facebook, twitter etc.. These social networking sites not only affect children but also affect adult and old age people. They are wasting more and more time on it and result is nothing but the gift of health problem. There are so many fast foods are provided by MNC, which contain even plastic. They also contain high level of salt, which is injurious to our health and particularly heart.
                These companies blindly states that they can be consumed safely. When any company uses the word ‘safely’. Then it means that there is element of risk associated. Due to consumption of Crax, Kurkure , Salty Snacks , children are suffer from gassiness problem at early stage. Doctor’s also give direction to patients that “avoid these salty snacks”. These salty snacks are not eco-friendly because when we throw its empty packet outside, then as we know that these are non-biodegradable, so it pollutes environment. A five rupees salty snack’s empty packet disturbs environment balance of worth 500.00.
Here I discuss few factors in support of New Dangers for Children.    
1.       Facebook invaded Children’s Childhood. In 20 years hence, children are like to play gilli danda , , Kanche , luca chipi , satpu games . From this activity not only mental level rises but physical level also rises. No one knows where are these games????  Now days 90% of students are on Facebook.
2.       Computer games are equally responsible for making adverse effects on children’s health.
Children’s enjoy playing these games continuously without any food and water. Computer games inactivate the children. These inactivity increases the health problems. These games isolate children and due to this their communication skill decreases. Common problem found among children with these games are Back pain, Neck pain, Eye problem, Headache, muscle damage etc. Parent need to keep track their children that, what types of game their children playing?  There are so many games, which are of violent nature. Children look the computer screens without blinking their eyes for long time and it causes eye problem. When you win Step I of game then step II is there to win and so on, there are so many sophisticated steps. Children are never satisfied by these steps. They need more and more complicated steps.
3.        Although internet technology is useful for children but now a days it’s use is very very small as compared to damage. Use of internet should be under parental control or parental guidance. The main loss of internet is age inappropriate content. The most important disadvantage for children is the social isolation and depression. Children go through the internet for knowledge but there is lots of wrong information. There is not any limitation that, what to post and what to not???? Therefore much of information present is of garbage type. The above mention damages are not only for children but also for adult as well as old age people.  
4.       In order to take unique type of snaps for Facebook , children many times put their life in danger . Current example of this is find in Manali Incident or u can say Mandi Incident or Larji – Power project incident , where engineering students loss their life in Beas. Although these students are warned by locals but they want to capture the beauty of Beas in their camera for Facebook. This new trend of taking snap for fb at any cost is dangerous.
                Although few states put complete ban on plastic but who can apply this ban on kurkure ‘s  empty  packet , empty water bottle , empty soft drink can , empty pouch of gutka , empty packet of Bhujia. There are so many things where this ban is directly not applicable. When peoples are in journey, then they make whole of NH a dustbin by throwing these packets, pouchs , and bottles . Although Amir Khan ji running campaign for Atithi Devo Bhava  but at ground level situation is totally different .
                Lastly as we know that children are future of India , if children are endanger by these things then it would be endanger for India . We have to cut the connection of watching film in theater with Crax , Kurkure and soft drinks .

Strong Children means Strong India.                    

Cold Drinks are Slow Poison for our Health.

                Always remember taste is inversely proportional to health i.e more the thing is tasty, less will be beneficial for health. Tasty things are always injurious to our health. 
e.g Cold drinks are tasty , that’s why they are very injurious to our health .
Meat is tasty, that’s why it is very injurious to our health.
Fast foods are tasty, that’s why they are very injurious to our health.
 There are so many examples for this, but here I discuss only poisonous nature of cold drinks.  Other will be discussing lately.
                Just 20 years back, when guests comes to our home, then we serve lassi (Sweet or salty). Which was counted to be healthier drink in those days?  In local language of Punjab, they named it Desi Bear.
It also proves its name, because when we drink it, we feel sleepiness.
                Now a day a new trend comes in our society. Now people serve directly cold drinks to their guests.  To serve cold Drinks to their guests becomes status symbol, which is very dangerous trend. Guests are so greedy that, they drink it without knowing its side effects.

Few factors in support of slow poison nature of soft drinks.  
1.       It contains Carbon Dioxide which is unhygienic for human being because when we drink it then our digestive systems not accept it, that’s why we feel uncomfortable.
2.       Cold drink Company itself says “Contain no fruit, contain only added flavor”. In other language it contains only chemicals.
3.       pH value of cold drink is 3.2, which shows it’s acidic nature . pH value of water is 7.
4.       Baba Ramdev named it “Toilet Cleaner”. Which is true because it’s pH is 3.2 (Approximately equal to dilute sulphuric acid). So you can imagine that how it affects our health.
5.       At few places in India, farmer sprays it on cotton plants as pesticides.
6.       Long time consumption can destroy your intestine.
7.       Soft Drinks Company pay huge amount to celebrity in order to say just “Thanda Matlab Coca- Cola”.
8.       There is no need to attack any country by chemical weapon. Soft drinks powered by Coca-Cola & Pepsi are more dangerous than any chemical weapon.
9.        As pH of Diet Soda is 3.2 . The acid is what readily dissolved enamel. Those adult who drink 2 or 3 soda a day have very worse dental health.
10.   It might be bad for your kidney.
11.   When we drink Soft drink, then we are consuming extra calories and sugar. These extra calories and sugar are causing a number of adverse effects on our health.  If possible replace Soft drinks with Orange juice, lemon water, lemon tea, soya milk or simple water.
12.   There is direct relation between Soft drink consumption and weight gain.
13.   In order to save yourself from early death, it is better to minimize your Soft drink consumption. When you are on journey try carrying refillable bottle of water. If you need extra flavor, try adding slice of fruit like watermelon, peach and lemon.
14.   Can you believe that---- A can of energy drink = 10 Teaspoon of Sugar.
15.   If we have to believe various researches, soft drinks have been found to cause diabetes, dental decay, heart disease.
16.   As we know that all type of sugar is bad for us. Then why we drink soft drinks? As I have already mention that ----- A can of energy drink contain = 10 Teaspoon of sugar.
17.    Soft drink contains sodium and it can cause stroke, high B.P, Heart attack and other disease.
18.   It also contains caffeine, which causes high B.P, infertility, heart disease, ulcers.
19.   Soft drinks contain Saccharin, which is 300 times sweeter than sugar and it causes bladder cancer.
20.   Soft drinks consumption gives you gassiness problem.
21.   Soft drinks consumption gives you gift of kidney stone, kidney failure, liver failure, High B.P , Heart Burn, Diabetes, weight gain problem.
22.   Preservative like Sodium Benzoate, which is used in soft drinks, causes rashes, asthma, and hypertension.
23.   As we know artificial colour is added in it to make it tasty. Brilliant – Blue is cancer causing agents and cause allergic reaction. Tartrazine is an orange – yellow drink that causes swelling, rashes, bloodshot eyes.
24.   As it contain Carbon Dioxide but our body just needs oxygen. Then why????

                When we are serving soft drinks to our guest, then we are giving them slow poison. So please serve lemon tea, lemon juice, lassi, orange juice or simplewater. 

Soft drink free India means healthy India.