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New Dangers for Children ------- Crax, Kurkure, Salty Snacks, Computer Games, Internet

New Dangers for Children ------- Crax, Kurkure, Salty Snacks, Computer Games, Internet
                Most destructive effects of innovation are experienced by children or in other word 21st century children’s are affected by innovation. Crax, Kurkure, Salty Snacks, Computer games, Internet are few innovations of 21st century. Computer games and internet shows ill effect on children eyes & also their concentration. Final stroke to children’s mental and  physical health are given by social networking sites e.g Facebook, twitter etc.. These social networking sites not only affect children but also affect adult and old age people. They are wasting more and more time on it and result is nothing but the gift of health problem. There are so many fast foods are provided by MNC, which contain even plastic. They also contain high level of salt, which is injurious to our health and particularly heart.
                These companies blindly states that they can be consumed safely. When any company uses the word ‘safely’. Then it means that there is element of risk associated. Due to consumption of Crax, Kurkure , Salty Snacks , children are suffer from gassiness problem at early stage. Doctor’s also give direction to patients that “avoid these salty snacks”. These salty snacks are not eco-friendly because when we throw its empty packet outside, then as we know that these are non-biodegradable, so it pollutes environment. A five rupees salty snack’s empty packet disturbs environment balance of worth 500.00.
Here I discuss few factors in support of New Dangers for Children.    
1.       Facebook invaded Children’s Childhood. In 20 years hence, children are like to play gilli danda , , Kanche , luca chipi , satpu games . From this activity not only mental level rises but physical level also rises. No one knows where are these games????  Now days 90% of students are on Facebook.
2.       Computer games are equally responsible for making adverse effects on children’s health.
Children’s enjoy playing these games continuously without any food and water. Computer games inactivate the children. These inactivity increases the health problems. These games isolate children and due to this their communication skill decreases. Common problem found among children with these games are Back pain, Neck pain, Eye problem, Headache, muscle damage etc. Parent need to keep track their children that, what types of game their children playing?  There are so many games, which are of violent nature. Children look the computer screens without blinking their eyes for long time and it causes eye problem. When you win Step I of game then step II is there to win and so on, there are so many sophisticated steps. Children are never satisfied by these steps. They need more and more complicated steps.
3.        Although internet technology is useful for children but now a days it’s use is very very small as compared to damage. Use of internet should be under parental control or parental guidance. The main loss of internet is age inappropriate content. The most important disadvantage for children is the social isolation and depression. Children go through the internet for knowledge but there is lots of wrong information. There is not any limitation that, what to post and what to not???? Therefore much of information present is of garbage type. The above mention damages are not only for children but also for adult as well as old age people.  
4.       In order to take unique type of snaps for Facebook , children many times put their life in danger . Current example of this is find in Manali Incident or u can say Mandi Incident or Larji – Power project incident , where engineering students loss their life in Beas. Although these students are warned by locals but they want to capture the beauty of Beas in their camera for Facebook. This new trend of taking snap for fb at any cost is dangerous.
                Although few states put complete ban on plastic but who can apply this ban on kurkure ‘s  empty  packet , empty water bottle , empty soft drink can , empty pouch of gutka , empty packet of Bhujia. There are so many things where this ban is directly not applicable. When peoples are in journey, then they make whole of NH a dustbin by throwing these packets, pouchs , and bottles . Although Amir Khan ji running campaign for Atithi Devo Bhava  but at ground level situation is totally different .
                Lastly as we know that children are future of India , if children are endanger by these things then it would be endanger for India . We have to cut the connection of watching film in theater with Crax , Kurkure and soft drinks .

Strong Children means Strong India.                    

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